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Application Process Overview

The faculty and administration in the Graduate Programs in Counseling take the process of training counselors very seriously. The application process is therefore very thorough and critical to both our admissions and educational process.

We greatly value our application process that accepts only those whom we believe will make the best counselors. We do not require the GRE because we do not want to simply quantify potential applicants. Our desire is for our admissions process to allow us to get to know each applicant as a person in order to see if that person will be a good fit for our program, and that our program will be the right program for the applicant.

Also, we firmly believe that our program is challenging, demands excellence from our students, and more than adequately prepares all of our students for the variety of situations faced as a counselor. We are looking for future students who can excel in the classroom, be flexible in thought, and have the ability to connect with and engage others from various backgrounds and circumstances. We accelerate our program because we want our students to get the best training possible, while also being able to start their career as soon as possible.


Application Deadlines

Bethany Fall 2022

Early Admissions – March 1st, Regular Admissions for Aug. start– June 15th, Regular Admissions for Jan. start– November 11th

Application Process

Application Packet

All steps are required to be completed prior to the application deadline for the group you are applying for if you desire to obtain an interview.

 You must meet the following requirements to apply to our program: Hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university; have taken at least 18 hours of psychology related undergraduate coursework (General or Introduction to Psychology and Statistics are required); a GPA of 3.0 or higher is considered competitive; however, multiple factors are considered when making admissions decisions.

International Students: Please click here to find out more about the application requirements.

If you need assistance with a learning, physical, or psychological disability that may affect your application process, we encourage you to contact the Academic Center for Excellence, Disability Services at (405) 717-6272 (M-F 8:00-5:00). All students with disabilities are encouraged to seek assistance from ACE (LRC 325).

Send your official transcripts to in order to verify that you meet our application requirements.

If you meet the application requirements, you can complete the rest of the application process: online application; three recommendations; curriculum vitae/resume; writing packet; background check release. *Note, there is no longer an application fee required; however, if you are admitted into the program, there is a non-refundable $150 deposit to hold a spot for admittance.

If you do not meet the application requirements, please contact the graduate admissions department at (405) 491-6332 and they will provide you with options to consider.

You will be contacted by the Graduate Programs in Counseling to set up your interview once the admissions deadline for the group you are applying for has been reached, provided that you have submitted all application materials.

Application Materials Descriptions

Three recommendations are required per applicant. Send the links below directly to your recommenders, and please note that the links differ based on your option to waive or reserve the right to see their submissions.

A minimum of two recommendations must be academic in nature and should come from recommenders who can comment on your professional or educational aptitude. Recommendations should ideally be made by persons who have known you for at least a year and with whom you have had considerable interaction. Recommenders that can comment directly on your fit and potential as a successful counselor are particularly helpful.

Applicants are encouraged to submit a formal vita or resume along with your application. Your CV/Resume can be sent to 

The submission of a personal statement, the admissions essay, and the vignette response each offers applicants the opportunity to communicate to the Graduate Programs in Counseling their overall fit with the program. Please use the prompts and format included in the writing packet found in the application packet above. These written documents will convey the applicant’s ability for self-reflection, their capacity to be present with and serve others, their understanding of the responsibilities and obligations of a professional counselor, their understanding of diversity concerns and social justice, their intellectual capabilities, and their readiness for the academic demands of graduate work in counseling. These documents will be evaluated in terms of the applicant’s capacity for written expression. Only self-disclose regarding particulars to the extent that is appropriate for you. Please complete all three parts of this writing packet and email them to

GPC Writing Packet

The Graduate Programs in Counseling requires a background check for all applicants. Filling out and sending in the background check release allows the program to conduct your background check.

Background Check Release Form 

Applicants are no longer required to submit an application fee prior to their interview. If an applicant is accepted into the program and chooses to accept the invitation to join the program, there is a non-refundable $150 deposit to hold the applicants spot after admittance.

The interview is designed to assist the faculty in determining the fit between the applicant and the program/profession. The program seeks to admit students who best reflect key characteristics of effective counselors in the field. The interview process itself will consist of two individual interviews and one group interview.

Applicants will be contacted by the department to schedule their interview once the deadline for applications has been reached and if the applicant has submitted all required application materials. The admissions committee meets to make admissions decisions after all interviews have been conducted. Applicants will be informed within two weeks after the interview about their application status. Applicants then are given generally a month to inform the department of their acceptance or denial of the invitation to join the group.

While the admissions process is being completed, applicants are encouraged to contact the financial aid department to begin the process of obtaining information about student aid. The graduate financial aid department can be reached at (405) 491-6685.

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