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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 

Learn to play a transformative role in companies and nonprofits across the globe while boosting your earning potential and fulfilling your dreams.

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Program Overview

Earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration can open doors to exciting professional opportunities. In addition to the increased earnings that often come with a bachelor’s degree, you’ll develop skills desired in a variety of organizations and graduate with a variety of options for fulfilling, profitable work.

Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree is designed for adult students, with classes taking place completely online or one evening a week in multiple locations across Oklahoma. With classes taught by experts in the field, you can gain the insight you need to be a leader in the world of business. Plus, at SNU, you can earn up to 30 hours of college credit for what you already know, completely free, expediting your path to graduation. Whether you want to continue your education with a graduate degree or land the career of your dreams, our business programs are well-respected and accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

Textbooks: For this program, students are automatically opted into a program through Slingshot called Cengage Unlimited. This subscription based service will last through your entire program and will give you access to WebAssign courseware as well as any other digital Cengage Learning titles. Nearly all SNU business courses use digital textbooks available through Cengage. If desired, students can choose a different plan offered through Slingshot, or opt out of these benefits. 

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How it Works

Earning a degree while working full time or raising a family has never been more possible. Here’s why adult students are thriving and reaching their goals at SNU:

  • Classes take place one night a week or entirely online.
  • Students focus on one class at a time to ensure true mastery and prevent overwhelm.
  • You can earn up to 30 hours of college credit for what you already know.
  • Earn up to 9 hours of college credit from field-specific credentials, certifications, or other professional development
  • Students study alongside other adults in similar stages of life.
  • Instructors with vast amounts of industry experience guide students through courses.
  • Textbooks are delivered directly to your door at the beginning of each class.
  • A dedicated student success advisor guides students through the duration of your studies.


“My experience attending SNU was filled with support, resources and spiritual growth. Having such a well-rounded experience, I have the desire to extend myself and pour into those around me in a positive way. I find supporting and helping others can be infectious as you cultivate others you also cultivate and find fulfillment within yourself. Thank you SNU.”
Michelle Lav
B.S. Business Administration


SNU’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration curriculum prepares graduates to work in communication, analysis, management, and human resources and more! The courses below highlight the valuable skills and knowledge embedded in the program


Credit hours: 3 The focus of this course is understanding the elements that comprise an effective marketing campaign. From the “Four Ps” to international marketing issues, this course will assist the student in understanding the role of marketing in the overall success of an organization.


Credit hours: 3
This course examines adult life experiences as a foundation for experiential learning. By reflecting on the concepts of adult development theories and an individual's personal life experiences, the course will explore how those factors influence and help individuals to interpret life situations and circumstances in terms of relationships, personal decision making and future applications.


Credit hours: 3
This course provides the basic economic framework crucial to managerial success. Macroeconomics and microeconomics are combined into a fast‐paced course that provides a practical rather than a theoretical emphasis.


Credit hours: 3

Study of internal accounting for managerial decision-making. Topics include financial statement analysis, budget analysis, cost-volume-profit analysis, ethics, and various other decision-making applications.


Credit hours: 3
This course will focus on human resource decision making and address the activities of recruiting, selecting, training and developing a diverse workforce. The focus will include both internal and external environmental influences which affect the management of human resources and activities such as planning and staffing of the organization, performance evaluation, and compensation, labor relations, and quality of work life.


Credit hours: 3
The focus of this course is analyzing elements that comprise business finance from a managerial perspective.  Evaluating corporate financing concepts, budgeting, markets, and strategic financial planning will assist the student in analyzing the important role finance plays in the success of an organization.


Credit hours: 3
This course reflects the mission statement and the goals of Southern Nazarene University. It is committed to fostering increased awareness of the Bible which is foundational to understanding Western culture and history. The three major western faiths‐Judaism, Christianity, and Islam‐are rooted within the Holy Scriptures. The course content and format are not designated to intimidate, indoctrinate, or to evangelize. The course is designed to set the Bible in its historical and literary context. The Biblical heritage will then provide the student with rich resources to creatively understand his/her faith in the contemporary world.


Credit hours: 3
This course provides an examination of the conceptual and practical foundations of information system support used for operational, tactical, or strategic decision-making activities, control functions, and organizational operations.


Credit hours: 3

A study of the law of business and its administration. The interaction of Government, Business, and Society, Contracts, Personal Property, Bailments, and Sales. The emphasis in the course is upon contracts and the influence of the UCC.


Credit hours: 3
This course is designed as an introduction to Business Analytics, which is an important area within business that considers the careful use of data, methodology, and findings to improve and support business decision making. An overview of statistical tools in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics is included. Students will explore data handling, queries, and reports to identify patterns and make recommendations based upon findings. Emphasis is placed upon concepts, applications, and result interpretation, rather than calculations and theory.


Credit hours: 3
This course explores the cultural, political and economic aspects of conducting business in a global marketplace. This course builds upon the theoretical basis of other business courses.


Credit hours: 3

Formation and application of management policy; analysis and solution of cases in which students put to use knowledge acquired in such basic business courses on accounting, economics, finance, marketing and statistics. Management gaming simulation is an integral part of the learning experience. Simulation teams play a central role as students set goals, monitor and report performance receiving routine critique from the instructor and professionals within the classroom.

Upcoming Start Dates

Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Meet the Program Director

Janelle Montgomery


Janelle has served at Southern Nazarene University since 2020. She obtained her AA in Business from Rose State College, BS in Accounting from University of Central Oklahoma, and her MS in Accounting from Oklahoma City University. 

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Years ago after working in various industries in accounting, she pursued her passion in education and has not looked back since. She is involved in the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants and various boards for nonprofit organizations. She enjoys hobbies such as Martial Arts and Zumba. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and four children. 

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"One of the greatest accomplishments in my life will be graduating from SNU with my bachelor’s in Business Administration in the fall. The faculty and staff at SNU have made my academic career meaningful and successful. I had no idea I would be so supported!”
Shenita Jefferson
B.S. Business Administration


Enrolling at SNU is a simple process. With rolling start dates, there’s no need to wait months at a time to begin your educational journey. Plus, our generous transfer policy, enhanced advanced standing, and prior learning assessment can shorten your path to graduation. Once you are ready, take the following steps:

Step 1. Apply online at

Step 2. Complete your FAFSA at using school code 003149

Step 3. Send official transcripts from any colleges you have attended to SNU at or ATTN: SNU PGS Admissions, Southern Nazarene University, 6729 NW 39th Expressway, Bethany, OK 73008.

You will be contacted regarding any supporting materials we may need. Upon acceptance, your student success advisor will help you enroll and prepare for success as an adult student at SNU.



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Program Accreditations

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs

ACBSP's accreditation focuses on recognizing teaching excellence, determining student learning outcomes, and a continuous improvement model. ACBSP’s student-centered teaching and learning approach, which is measured and analyzed for quality, ensures that students gain the right skills from their educational investment. Institutions with programs accredited by ACBSP are committed to continuous improvement that ensures their business program will give students the skills employers want.

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Text With an Enrollment Counselor

Have questions, but want a faster response?  Fill out the form and one of our enrollment counselors will follow-up via text shortly!

Request More Information

Have questions about SNU or need help determining which program is the right fit? Fill out the form and an enrollment counselor will follow-up to answer your questions!

Text With an Enrollment Counselor

Have questions, but want a faster response?  Fill out the form and one of our enrollment counselors will follow-up via text shortly!