20 “Why’s” to Go Back to School

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A million thoughts may have been going through their minds when they hit “apply,” but there was one that brought them to Southern Nazarene University. We think our students are pretty awesome. They are bright, dedicated, driven, and inspiring. Here are reasons why they decided to continue their education at SNU.

To advance in their careers.

  1. “To be more competitive in the work place.”
  2. “Career advancement.”
  3. “To have more promotion potential at my current job.”
  4. “To stay ahead of the competition.”
  5. “To advance my career.”
  6. “I returned to school initially to meet a requirement I lacked for a promotion at my job. After a period of time, I began to see the benefit and example it set for my children.”

To change careers.

  1. “To find a better career and with more stability and pay.”
  2. “Opportunity for new career with higher earning potential.”
  3. “So I could apply for better paying career opportunities.”

To set a good example.

  1. “To obtain my business degree so I can work in a different field! Also, to show my daughter that I accomplished it!”
  2. “To show my children the importance of achieving ones goals and getting an education.”
  3. “I want my kids to know that at any age of your life you still can learn! Education does not stop at a certain age.”
  4. “To get a degree that will better my future for myself, my children and others.”
  5. “To further my career, and to be the first from my family to graduate college. Obtaining my degree will show my siblings and other young minority women that they can achieve this as well.
  6. “My biggest reason was to show my daughter that anything is possible if you work hard. I also wanted to show myself that I could complete my degree and to have a degree to fall back on if something were to happen in my current career.”

To fulfill a goal.

  1. “I had a lifelong dream to become a therapist.”
  2. “It was a personal goal of mine. I am thrilled to be at SNU, enjoy my classmates, have the confidence I can still use my brain, and am having a fantastic learning experience.”
  3. “My role in life changed (children grew up), and I wanted to do something that I would enjoy that would also be worthwhile.”
  4. “To finish what I started!”
  5. “The number one reason was to fulfill a dream that I gave up on many years ago.”

If you’re a current student, what was your reason for going back to school? If you’re still in the application process, what goal are you hoping to reach? We would love to hear from you!

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  • Mary Dyer November 26, 2018 @ 11:30 pm

    I went back to help with boredom and to have another goal to accomplish. This was my second masters and I finished in 15 months with a high GPA. I loved being back in the classroom and interacting with students all while stimulating my mind. SNU was an awesome experience for me!

    • Kelsie Stelting November 27, 2018 @ 3:16 pm

      Having class and assignments is a great way to keep new things coming your way! Congratulations on your second master’s degree. That is quite the accomplishment. Thanks for sharing your educational journey with us!

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