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Online Degree Programs Designed for Adults

SNU offers flexible online degree programs at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree levels. Our accredited online degree programs cater to busy adults, offering innovative educational models that prepare you for a lucrative career and support you to graduate quickly.

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SNU’s Online Degree Programs

Associates Associates Accordion Arrow

An online associate degree is a powerful first step to a better future. For some adult learners, an associate degree offers the background knowledge necessary to pursue more education. For others, an associate degree offers direct entry into a meaningful career. At SNU, we know your time is valuable, so we offer associate degree programs you can complete quickly, without neglecting the rest of your life.

Associate of Arts in General Studies

24 Month Program
$299 per Credit Hour

Master critical thinking skills, professional communication and more with this powerful first step in your educational journey. Our online associate degree in general studies prepares you for a wide range of career paths and educational options.

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Associate of Science in Information Systems & Technology

60 Credit Hours
$299 Credit Hour

The curriculum provides the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to develop, implement, support, and maintain industry-standard information systems and technology platforms essential for any size of organization. Learn More
Bachelors Bachelor’s Accordion Arrow

An undergraduate degree program provides the baseline knowledge you need to succeed in a variety of professional settings. Our online bachelor’s degree programs support adult learners to make their dreams a reality, in as little as one night a week.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

18 Month Program
$450 per Credit Hour

This introduction to the world of business can help you ascend the career ladder. Use your training to rise in the ranks at your company, start your own business or earn a lucrative role in a startup. Learn More

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

Bachelor of Science in
Healthcare Administration:

This degree completion program is designed to prepare individuals to work in the healthcare industry, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, and beyond. You'll learn how to apply applicable systems in care management systems, finances, legal issues, leadership and ethical decision-making, and information technology.

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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

17 Month Program
$450 per Credit Hour

The criminal justice system needs dedicated, thoughtful people to protect the public and understand the roots of crime. This online bachelor’s degree could be a great choice to prepare you for a career in law enforcement, or as a stepping stone to graduate training. Learn More

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

18 Month Program
$450 per Credit Hour

Cyberthreats endanger national security, business profits and individual financial well-being. Our online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity trains you to detect and manage these threats. 

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Bachelor of Science in Family Studies & Gerontology

18 Month Program
$450 per Credit Hour

Help people live better, safer, more connected lives with training in family studies and gerontology. This is a great program for people who want to pursue careers in social work, psychotherapy, research or education. Learn More

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership

15 Month Program
$450 per Credit Hour

Organizations today require well-rounded leaders. Our online organizational leadership degree equips you with the skills needed to manage these challenges — from maintaining a budget to inspiring a team.

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Accelerated General Education

5 Week Program
$299 per Credit Hour

SNU’s online general education classes can prepare you for a bachelor’s degree, offer background knowledge for your career or simply teach you new skills. Classes can be completed in five weeks. 

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Masters Master’s Accordion Arrow

An online master’s degree helps you become a true expert in your field. This can increase your pay grade, help you earn a promotion or prepare you for an entirely new career. SNU’s master’s degree programs cater to busy adult learners, empowering you to complete the next step in your education without ignoring the rest of your life.

Master of Arts in Administration of Special Education

22 Month Program
$490 per Credit Hour

Special education programs can help learners with unique needs thrive. Be a part of the solution, learn to better serve your students and become a leader in special education with our Master of Arts in Administration of Special Education. Learn More

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

20 Month Program
$490 per Credit Hour

Strong educational leaders build better schools, communities and human beings. Gain the skills you need to lead educational institutions with our Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, an online master’s degree program for adult learners. Learn More

Master of Arts in Sports Management & Administration

20 Month Learning
$575 per Credit Hour

Sports managers occupy a wide variety of careers, from running school and professional teams to overhauling athletic systems. Become an innovative athletic leader with our online master’s degree program. Learn More

Master of Business Administration

18 Month Program
$575 per Credit Hour

An MBA helps you become an expert in the world of business, whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, joining the C-suite or starting a company of your own. Complete one of the most lucrative degrees in as little as 18 months. Learn More

Master of Business Administration: Healthcare

18 Month Program
$575 per Credit Hour

Our MBA in Healthcare prepares you for a lucrative career in the growing field of healthcare. You’ll learn skills to lead health organizations, from small nonprofits to large hospital systems.

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Master of Leadership

17 Month Program
$475 per Credit Hour

Gain the skills you need to lead a church, business, nonprofit or NGO. Our Master of Leadership program trains inspiring leaders who make a difference in their community. Adult learners can complete our online master’s degree program at their own pace. Learn More

Master of Science in Management

18 Month Program
$575 per Credit Hour

The Master of Science in Management prepares you to climb the corporate ladder and manage people in a variety of roles. With a focus on management theories and research, this online degree program that can prepare you for whatever is next. Learn More

Master of Science in Exercise Science

20 Month Program
$575 per Credit Hour

Exercise can change people’s lives, health and outlook. Support people to become their best selves with training for a career that improves your own life. Our online master’s degree program in exercise science can help you take your fitness career to the next level. Learn More

Master of Science in Instructional Design & Technology

16 Month Program
$490 per Credit Hour

Instructional designers transform digital learning experiences. This online program prepares you to improve learning within academia, corporations, the military, nonprofits and more.

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Alternative Certification

6 Week Course
$490 per Credit Hour

This online course offers an alternative path to meeting Oklahoma’s teacher certification requirements. If you’re passionate about education and already have a degree, becoming a teacher has never been easier!

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Troops to Teachers

6 Week Course
$490 per Credit Hour

Our Troops to Teachers program shortens the path from veteran to teacher, helping you become certified without going back to school to get another bachelor’s degree. Gain support from our innovative VETS Center as you complete your training. Learn More

Special Education Bootcamp

8 Week Course
$490 per Credit Hour

Working in special education requires a unique set of skills. Gain those skills as quickly as possible with our immersive bootcamp program. You’ll emerge ready to support learners with a diverse range of needs and advocate for them at every level of education. Learn More
Doctoral Doctoral Accordion Arrow

A doctorate signals the highest level of mastery in your field. Yet no matter how much you know, getting a doctorate as an adult learner can be challenging because of the immense time commitment. Our online doctorate program for adult learners challenges students, while still enabling them to work and tend to their families. By embedding individual dissertation requirements in the program, offering flexible course schedules and providing ongoing support, we ensure our students’ success from day one.

Doctor of Education in Administration and Leadership

32 Month Program
$699 per Credit Hour

Our Doctor of Education in Administration and Leadership prepares you to take the helm of all kinds of organizations — from educational institutions to nonprofits, private companies and more!

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How SNU’s Online Degree Programs Work

SNU built our online degree programs with adult learners in mind. We understand that you have a busy schedule. We believe your school should serve your needs, no matter who you are. That’s why we’ve crafted a supportive program that helps you achieve your full potential.

Built-In Support Systems

Built-In Support Systems

Students learn with a cohort of people with similar educational and career goals. Your cohort offers support and a ready-made study group in school, and it forms the core of your professional network when you graduate.

Complete Flexibility

Complete Flexibility

Our online programs were built specifically for busy adults and enable you to complete your coursework when it’s most convenient for you. You’re never required to sign on at a specific time, but you will always have the support of your instructor and cohort.

One Class at a Time

One Class at a Time

Adult learners juggle many roles. We ensure you don’t drop any of the balls you’re juggling by offering a single course at a time, so you can focus on each class without getting overwhelmed.

Multiple Start Dates

Multiple Start Dates

You’ve waited long enough to pursue your dreams. Don’t let arbitrary start dates and application deadlines defer your dreams any longer. All of our online degree programs have multiple start dates throughout the year, so you can get started when it’s convenient for you.

Why You’ll Succeed as an Online Student at SNU

SNU offers flexible learning options and lots of support. Log on to classes whenever it’s convenient to you — whether you’re waiting in the doctor’s office or watching your kid’s soccer game. We believe you are the expert on how you learn, and we aim to cater to your personal learning style. 

This short video gives you an overview of what you can expect.

How SNU Serves Online Students

Online learning is just one way we support students to complete their education. We believe in a service model of education. Here’s how we serve you.

Financial Aid

Don’t let financial barriers defer or destroy your dreams. Whether you’re on a tight budget, worried about student loans you’ve defaulted on, or simply don't know where to start, we can help you explore financial aid options to fund your education.

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Veteran Services

Veterans have given so much to our country, yet they often feel left out when they return to civilian life. Our innovative VETS Center serves veteran students, honoring their sacrifice with a welcoming environment and transition support.

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Intercultural Learning & Engagement

Each and every student brings something valuable to our school. We are all better when we learn from others and step outside of our comfort zone. We embrace diversity, foster inclusion and believe in building an environment of inclusivity.

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Accreditations for SNU’s Online Degree Programs

SNU is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, which is the gold standard for accrediting universities in our region. We are deeply committed to exceeding industry standards, and we also boast several national accreditations.

  • “My favorite part of the online courses for the MBA program was the convenience. I started the MBA program attending in-school classes. Two modules into the program, I accepted a position in New Mexico. I was able to stay in the program and continue online. I was a little scared that I would not do as well online, but the curriculum was easy to understand, and the professors were very engaged and helpful.”
    Jamel Wilson
    MBA, SNU Online
  • “All of my instructors were very easy to connect with and understanding when questions arise late in the evening.”
    Tiffany Batdorf
    MA in Sport Management & Administration, SNU Online
  • “I considered other colleges, however, I liked SNU’s approach the best. As a working professional, I felt that SNU was best suited to help me succeed.”
    Jordan Hernandez
    BS in Organizational Leadership, SNU Online

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