Network Management

COMING 2021 

Network technology is the infrastructure of modern communication. It changes swiftly, demanding accountable managers with technical expertise, analytical talent, and problem-solving ability. Microsoft, CISCO and Security+ certifications can open doors for professional growth, but imagine how many opportunities will be available when you have a Bachelor’s degree as well. 

Southern Nazarene University’s Network Management degree completion program is designed to hone your skills so you can improve your position and income within the workforce. Courses* taught by fully-certified professors are delivered in a small group format to enable quick, in-depth learning from professors and other adult students who support you along the way. 

If you’ve earned some college credit and are ready to reach your goals, complete the information form to be contacted by one of our admissions representatives. 

*Network Management classes meet one to two nights per week in Bethany.

PSY 3413 – Personal & Professional Development
This course examines adult learning theory and various learning styles. The course provides a model that is used to analyze life experience.

SNM 3413 – Windows Networking I
This course provides students with the skills to do an initial implementation and configuration of the core services within a Windows Active Directory environment, including, Active Directory Domain Services, networking services, and Hyper-V.

MGT 3413 – Organizational Behavior I; Diagnosis & Planned Change
This course analyzes the formal and informal functions and problems of organizations. The course also examines the strategies to plan, implement, and manage change in an organization.

SNM 3813 – Windows Networking II
This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to install, configure, manage, and support a network infrastructure in a Microsoft Windows-based network, including user and group management, Group Policy, imaging and data security.

SNM 3913 – Routers and Switches I
This course focuses on network terminology and protocols, LANs, WANs, OSI models, cabling, routers, Ethernet, IP addressing, and network standards. The course also focuses on initial router configuration and Cisco IOS Software management.

REL 3413 – Biblical Perspectives in Western Culture
This course provides study of the Bible as a foundation to an understanding of Western culture and history. The course also explores the relevance of the Bible to modern day life.

SNM 3923 – Routers and Switches II
This course focuses on advanced IP addressing, intermediate routing protocols, command-line interface configuration, Spanning Tree Protocols, and VLAN trunking. The course also focuses on WAN technology and terminology.

SNM 4113 – Windows Networking III
This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to carry out advanced management and provisioning of services in the Windows Server 2012 R2 environment.

SNM 3963 – Network Security I
This course provides a survey and application of the basic network security principles which includes preparation for the Security+ certification exam.

GS 4423 – Personal & Professional Ethics and Values
This capstone course examines various theories of man and their relevance to personal and social values. The course provides the basis to formulate or clarify a philosophy of life that is consistent with the demands of a responsible lifestyle in the contemporary world.

SNM 4333 – Network Security II
This course offers an advanced look at intrusion detection design and implementation. Students will learn about the tools necessary to detect and deter network intrusions, implement VPNs and basic management of a firewall.

SNM-4343 – Network Security III
Builds upon concepts learned in Network Security II, including topics on User-ID, App-ID, and Content-ID. Along with Network Security II, this course provides a strong foundation in the implementation of Palo Alto Next-Generation firewalls as edge devices for a corporate network.


The Network Management program has prerequisite requirements for admission into the program. Prerequisites must be fulfilled prior to entry into the Network Management program.

An entrance test will be taken at the time of application. Acceptance into the program requires a score of 80 or higher on this test; scores less than 80 must take the workshop. However, it is recommended for those who score less than 90 on the test to take the workshop. Only the top 16 people will be admitted.

The workshop will be held one night per week from 6pm-10pm for three weeks. It will begin approximately three weeks prior to each group start date. The cost must be paid two weeks prior to the start date of the workshop.

How to Apply

Step 1 Apply Online
Step 2 Send Transcripts

An official transcript is required from each College/University where credits were earned and used toward one’s undergraduate degree, directly or by way of credit transfer.

Once you have submitted an application, you will be personally contacted by an admissions representative within 48 hours. We will answer any questions at that time and get you started on your enrollment track. Space is limited, groups fill rapidly, so prompt enrollment is always encouraged.

Official transcripts must have the seal of granting university, and be sealed in an unopened official university envelope. E-Transcripts may also be sent electronically by the previous institution to

For Bethany, Online, and Tulsa courses, send official transcripts to:
SNU School of Professional Studies
6729 NW 39th Expressway
Bethany, OK 73008

Credit Hours

In order to be accepted into one of the degree completion programs, learners need a minimum of 48 transferable credit hours from a regionally accredited institution. If you do not have the required 48 credit hours you are eligible to take general education courses.

A total of 88 credit hours can be transferred from regionally accredited institutions. A maximum of 62 hours can be accepted from two-year institutions. Zero (remedial) level courses are not transferable.

Program Costs

Program length: 36 Credit Hours

Tuition: $450/Credit Hour

Fees: $125/Credit Hour

Students will automatically opt into textbook rentals through the Tree of Life bookstore. If desired, students have the option to choose a different plan offered through Tree of Life or opt out of all Tree of Life textbook plans and order books elsewhere.

*Effective June 1, 2020- July 1, 2021

Fewer than 48 Hours?

Accelerated General Education Courses

$299/Credit Hour

Southern Nazarene offers many resources to our Professional and Graduate students throughout the duration of the program.

Interested in receiving PCNSA Certification? SNU offers an accelerated two-course workshop to help you reach your goals faster.

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