Laptop Information

Laptop Information

At SNU we believe when properly incorporated, technology enhances the educational experience. We also believe that every student who graduates from SNU should have a broad range of computer skills. All our classrooms and campuses are equipped with wireless networking and our curriculum is presented in a web-based format. We utilize this technology both in the classroom and outside of class.

PGS Technology Office

The technology office of Professional and Graduate Studies is here to help all PGS students with their technology needs. There are two options for purchasing a laptop for the General Education courses PGS Bachelors & Masters Programs. If you choose to purchase a laptop from SNU, please contact the Instructional Technology Coordinator in Royce Brown by calling (405) 491-6331.

After purchasing a laptop through SNU, we provide ongoing support during your time as a student at SNU. For online students, we will provide the same services. Online students can either drop off the laptop in person or you can ship it to us (shipping costs are the responsibility of the student). You also have the option of contacting the manufacturer directly for warranty services. Services include:

  • Virus and Malware cleanup
  • Help with upgrades (RAM and Hard Drive)
  • Warranty Service
  • Moodle course troubleshooting
  • General Computer and network troubleshooting
  • Password resets

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